©2020 by Luis Pizarro


Photography as contemplative prayer

The common thread of all my photographs is silence. It is about silence as a form of contemplative prayer, not as a mere absence of noise. Silence as an opening into infinity, into the sacred.

Every image on this website tries to express that central idea, although that idea can be articulated through many themes. In fact, each particle of reality may be adequate to express the underlying concept.

Therefore, my entire website consists of a single project articulated into several galleries or series of images. The series are different from each other in terms of their content, but all try to convey the same notion.

The oldest images are further from the current idea (that is, silence as a window to an infinite ocean, so to speak). However, they also try to express a deep connection with a reality beyond words. The most recent photographs attempt to convey with greater emphasis the idea of silence as a form of contemplative prayer.